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Fidget Macaron

Fidget Macaron

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Fidget Macaron was our first major innovation after the Original Fidget Newton. And when we rounded the top and bottom it became sooooo satisfying. David carries a pair of these even when he’s testing newer models. 


  • A pair of round fidgets with embedded magnets
  • Choice of many colors/flavors (We're open to suggestions for new colors)
  • Premium Italian leather
  • Quiet fidgeting due to rounded top and bottom
  • Handmade in USA

I'm often asked how to fidget with these and I learned by watching others as I tested them. Walking around they are great to hold in your hand and roll them. Sitting down I like to turn one upside down and flip it seeing if I can catch it. I shuffle them when on Zoom calls. Some people like to put one finger on them and spin one like a dial. Use the magnets to push one around the table. The options are endless and you'll look great doing it!

Warning: Fidget Macarons may look good enough to eat… please don’t eat the fidgets.

Note: Fidget Macarons are handcrafted in the USA out of leather so each block displays slight variations that contribute to the allure and distinctiveness of these artisan fidgets. Some colors may scratch and discolor more than others.

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