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Fidget of the Month Club

Fidget of the Month Club

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As we set our release calendar for the next year, we wanted to share the excitement with our top customers by making it easy to get one of everything... and a discount (~20%).


  • Fidgets every month! Every shape and size we make will give you the ultimate fidgeting experience for every mood.
  • New launches will arrive at your door, or the door of someone you care about... a lot.
  • At least one pair of Shell Cordovan fidgets. This is the most wonderful leather we touched. These are like no other fidget. (Retail price is $150.)
  • You choice on some items (spoiler below).


Spoiler Alert: If you want them to be a surprise for yourself, STOP READING. Here are some of what you can expect:

  • February: This probably isn't a surprise... Fidget Hearts
  • June: If April showers bring May flowers, what do Mayflowers bring? June Rainbows!
  • July: We have a tasty new launch we're cooking up in the studio.
  • August: In time for Back to School... School Colors (Fidget Macaron)
  • October: Ghost Macarons, of course.
  • December: Regardless of the holiday you celebrate, you'll be doing it in style with Shell Macaron!
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