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Original Fidget Newton

Original Fidget Newton

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The Original Fidget Newton was our first design. We thought Fidget Macaron was better... and then heard from passionate customers that they prefer Fidget Newton. So David started carrying both and what do you know… different fidgeting with different shapes.

The corners of the square add a tactile sensation that a circle can't deliver. And if you want a solid sound when you put your fidgets together, Fidget Newton's flat top and bottom delivers!

  • A pair of square fidgets with magnets
  • Premium Italian leather
  • Choice of color on inside or outside
  • Satisfying noise when flat sides are thrown together
  • Just shy of 1 1/2" across and each 3/8" in height
  • Handmade in USA

Note: Fidget Newtons are handcrafted in the USA out of leather so each block displays slight variations that contribute to the allure and distinctiveness of these artisan fidgets.

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