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Fidget Hearts

Fidget Hearts

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Two Hearts Fidget As One

The first pair of Fidget Hearts was a Valentine’s Day gift so you know they’re created with love. The immediate reaction was “you have to make more of these!” So we did.

These are slightly smaller in the hand compared to Macarons and Newtons. They blend the curves of Macarons with the corners of Newtons for different sensory effects. They flip, roll, shuffle, and anything else you can do with two luscious leather hearts that have two different strength magnets in them.... kind of like a romantic relationship.


  • 2 red heart-shaped fidgets with embedded magnets
  • Premium Italian leather
  • A different kind of fidgeting from other shapes.
  • Handmade in USA

Answer to your burning question: If you’re wondering why we didn’t make Fidget Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, you’ve never had to cut and sand a leather shamrock!


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