About Us

I wanted a belt to match a pair of boots I ordered. That's how it started. And now I have a growing line of sumptuous leather fidgets.

As you can imagine, I was the kid the teacher called out for rocking in my chair, clicking my pen, shaking my leg, and whatever else my body decided to do in class in an attempt to focus on the topic of the day. Partners didn't seem so keen on the patterns my feet made in bed to soothe me to sleep. Years ago, I had a 20 foot cord on my desk phone headset so I could pace while talking on the phone... and received funny looks as I juggled while wandering aimlessly around my desk having no idea I was even out of my chair.

So you can see I am a lifelong fidgeter. Who else would cut belts into 1 1/2 inch squares and glue them together... and then add magnets... and then let ADHD's hyperfocus kick in to perfect the fidgets instead of doing everything on the untended ToDo lists?

My desk has been littered with fidgets (I called them desk toys) for decades. A couple of years ago I tried fidget spinners and several other type of fidgets. You can't take them to work meetings. They are plastic with bright colors and make noise. They are for children. They look childish. When I realized that I had made fidgets that are suitable for adulting, that can be taken to work or anywhere else, that get softer with age and look more beautiful over time, I knew I had to bring them to the world.

I started placing them on the table when I saw friends and family. Non-fidgeters would pick them up, look at them from various angles, pull them apart, put them together, and place them back on the table. Fidgeters didn't put them down and generally took them home. They call or text to tell me how much they still use them.

If this speaks to you, then you or someone you care about probably has ADHD, Autism, RLS, BFRB, Dementia, or some or neurodiversity that lends itself to fidgeting. There is not reason to fight it. Join the Fidget Newton revolution!